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Dedicate 30-40 uninterrupted minutes for you and your partner to enjoy your Relationship Magic Journey. (You may want to add some extra time, in case you’re in the mood to continue playing after the audio guide ends.) 😉  

If you wear clothes, make sure they’re comfy and loose. This isn’t a dress-up date night. (whew!) (Note: Going skin to skin is always more fun.)  

Put on your favorite soft background music (super downtempo is best). Dim the lights (candles optional). Mute your phones (you’ll be soooo glad you did!)  

Cuddle up on your bed.

Start up your audio journey. Relax, and follow the easy suggestions.  

Play, laugh, cry, love, embrace. There’s nothing to figure out. You can’t get it wrong.  

You’ll be guided step by step into the deep magic of your own unique love connection. 

Is there a particular order to the Journeys?  

There is a numbered sequence to these journeys, one through ten. Done in this order, there’s a powerful cumulative effect. Each new journey builds on the ones before, and will take you deeper into intimate connection. You’re learning new skills, from simpler to more complex and challenging. Your body is building new neural pathways to love. 

Not everyone learns in the same way, though.

If you want to skip around, and find a title that especially intrigues you, or suits your mood better, try it out. You’ll learn the basic moves in the first two journeys. (The Gratitude Game, and From Tension to Trust.) After you’ve mastered those two, feel free to play around.

Or if you want to repeat a particular journey, please do. Like sinking into a yoga pose, playing a foorball game, or dancing to your favorite song, no two repetitions will ever be the same. Some couples have reported doing the same journey dozens of times, and each repetition just took them deeper.

Important: Think of these journeys as recipes. If you follow the instructions carefully, you’ll whip up a love-meal that’s delicious, satisfying and highly nutritious. If you just listen to the recording passively, spacing out, falling asleep, afraid to make noise, not digging for deeper truth – naw, not much will really change. You’ll be staring at the cardboard menu instead of biting into the juicy meal. The menu is not the meal. The map is not the territory. The love and pleasure to be found here are in your body, with your beloved, in realtime experience. So lay down together, and cook up some magic…

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Gratitude Game

Begin your Relationship Magic Journeys with this simple, potent practice. Everyone loves to be appreciated. Everyone loves to be reminded why they’re loved.  

This Journey adds a new dimension to gratitude. Within minutes, your body will open so that every word reverberates deep inside.  

How? Take the Journey and discover who you really are.  

Bring the magic back into your relationship, with a breath and a word.

From Tension to Trust

It’s astonishing how much tension we carry in our bodies every day, often without realizing all the subtle ways this impacts our relationship. A body that’s in stress cannot feel love. Literally. You may know love, imagine love, assume love, be sure of love. But you’re not FEELING love.  

The body must soften and relax before it can feel love flowing through every muscle and bone.  

In this Journey, we give our bodies what they need to make the shift from tension to trust. You will learn three simple steps to unlock the nervous system, melt stress away, and FEEL love vibrating in every cell.  

Then, when the love is flowing freely, you’ll remember again – in heart and soul and body – why you first fell in love.  

This Journey is the easiest, most basic step-by-step guide to the connection practices at the heart of Relationship Magic.

Re-Awaken Tenderness

Living together, and dealing with the daily chores, can quickly turn a great love affair into something that feels more like a business arrangement.  

What to do? Sometimes it’s exhausting to sort everything out with words.  

When you want a vacation from the ho-hum, but you don’t want to negotiate a whole big process – try this Journey. Simple touch. Tingly vulnerability. Feel-good warmth. Sweetness.  

Recharge your emotional batteries with minimal effort, and no messy cleanup the next day. Sometimes “easy” really does it.

Two Bodies, One Rhythm

If each member of a band played their instrument in a different rhythm and key, the music would never come together. No matter how much you love each other… if your bodies are not in rhythm, if your heartbeats and brainwaves and breathing aren’t in sync, you’ll struggle to feel connected.  

This Journey will show you how easy it is to find the natural rhythms at play in your body, and weave them together to make one dynamic song that will turn you both on.  

Once this “bass line” is laid down, there’s no end to the effortless music you can make together. 

Pure Sensation

Sometimes emotions are slippery, and hard to talk about. Some days you don’t have the energy reserves for a rollicking good romp in the hay.  

But your bodies are vast wonderlands, deserving to be explored in detail. And that’s a whole new way to feel truly connected.  

A great lover can play with sensations for their own sake, at leisure, and make every part of your body come alive.  

When you’re curious to explore sensations together, take this Journey. Sex and emotion are great ways to connect, no doubt, but pure sensation is a vastly underrated playground too.

Through Each Other’s Eyes

Mostly I’m over here, in my body, having my experience. And you’re over there, in yours, having what’s often – surprisingly – a very different experience.  

Good partners learn to “read” each other, and guess what’s happening under the skin. Sometimes this process is helped along by talking about an event after it’s done.  

What might change if you could sync your experiences of each other in real time?  

This Journey gives both of you the mind-blowing opportunity to “see through each other’s eyes”. And since you’re both in an open space of curiosity and love, it’s likely that your partner sees you more clearly and lovingly than you see yourself.  

Upgrade your perceptions to the highest love, and relax into a beautiful shared reality.

Heal and Re-Open Your Hearts (Advanced)

Has your heart ever been broken? Have you ever been traumatized by sexual or romantic experiences? Of course you have! Sometimes we smother and cling; sometimes we play cool or run away – anything to avoid re-experiencing the pain that our bodies can’t seem to forget.  

This Journey is designed to heal and re-open your hearts to the love that’s right in front of us. Please save it for a time when you both feel energized and willing to stretch your comfort zone. This is serious work… but for many couples, this is the Journey that shifts their relationship from good-enough to all-in awesome.

Release Old Hurts and Resentments

Sometimes we hold back speaking our full truth because we’re not sure how it will be received. These little withholds can build up and create distance between us. Sometimes when we try to speak our truth, we create a backlash. Things get worse instead of better. We both get lost in arguments.  

But! When we relax and connect our bodies first, the words come easier. We can learn to speak from our hearts, about simple things, and not big complicated stories that generate hopelessness.  

And most powerfully, we can agree that we will speak these fears not to hurt, but to refresh and deepen our connection. This Journey shows you how.

Sensual Play-time

This is advanced magic for relationship ninjas!  

It’s fun to rush into excited touch. However, there’s a surprising power when you hold onto the energy, let sensation build, and wait to move… until the movement takes over you both.

Here’s some advanced magic to explore together. This Journey takes you deeper into the body, where you can play with stillness and movement, subtle energy currents, surprising new wellsprings of sexual delight, and responding more fully and vulnerably to your lover’s touch.  

Passionate Play

Are you ready to amp up your lovemaking? Now that the skills you’ve been developing in this Relationship Magic series are becoming second nature, here’s how to turn up the volume and pacing. It’s Sexy Time!  

This Journey moves you into deeper dimensions of passion and mutual surrender, opening the whole surface of the body and then taking each other all the way in. Emotional vulnerability is the key, pulsing back and forth between you, generating a feedback loop of ecstasy that grows bigger with each breath.  

Just when you think it can’t get any better… It does! Over and over and over again…

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Share Your Results and Love!

Nothing shares intimacy throughout the world like sharing your progress with others. Here’s how to play for maximum fun and love:

Step 1) Shoot a 1-minute video together BEFORE you begin your Journey (saying how you’re feeling about going on this Journey and what you’d like to get out of it)  

Step 2) Light a couple of candles, dim the lights, lay down with your partner, and press PLAY on your audio Journey, and enjoy!  

Step 3) Shoot a 1-minute video together sharing how you both feel in the after-glow of your Journey. What did you get out of it?  

Step 4) Upload your videos to Youtube (unlisted) or Dropbox and send us links at happyresults (AT)! (and if you’re totally not into videos you can pop over to our Facebook page and send us words too 🙂  

Important: By sending in your videos you agree that we can share them with others to show them how wonderful the practice is 🙂

Step 5) (Most Important) Put time in your calendars for three Journey dates a week (about 30-40 minutes each). You’ll be so glad you did!


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