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***Valentine’s 10 Week Intimacy Challenge! Are you in?***

Are you ready to breathe more love into your life and relationship? To increase the amount of love and intimacy in the world?

In honor of this month of love, I want to challenge you to go on a 10 week journey with me and whoever you want to explore and develop deeper levels of intimacy with.

There is a way of being together that I am extremely passionate about because it is so simple that it’s profound. A practice that has forever changed the shape of my heart. This tool continues to be the leading source of intimacy in my life. That thing is known both as Belly2Belly, and as Relationship Magic.

So instead of (or in addition to) buying that box of chocolates or stuffed animal and roses… spend your energy and dollars on what your partner really wants- which is more authentic, meaningful time, connection and presence with you.

To join the challenge, simply purchase Relationship Magic – our set of 10 short audio guides (created by our teacher David Cates). Then PM me and I’ll add you to the FB event page and private group so we can go deeper together for the next 10 weeks!


MORE DETAIL: Relationship Magic will bring you both out of the daily busyness and chaos, and back into loving connection. It’s a series of ten short audio guides, each one a different game for going deeper together. All you need is 30 uninterrupted minutes. Lay down together and follow the simple suggestions.

Time will stop. Your bodies relax. Your hearts sync up. And you’ll both remember why you fell in love.

Let Relationship Magic bring you home again to what really matters.

This Valentine’s Day, start a new adventure together, in 30-minute segments, whenever you need to connect. Weeks after the roses have shriveled and the chocolate’s long gone, your love will be growing ever stronger.

I guarantee you’ll be so grateful you did, and there’s a full 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love what happens in your relationship.


P.S. You can also head on over to the event page to see what the fuss is all about: Or you can head over to the event page and click the Find Tickets button to purchase the same audio guides: [INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK TO 10 WEEK INTIMACY CHALLENGE]

P.P.S. We’re on global mission here. Kindly share this with your friends who would love more intimacy and connection in the world.